Accordo Internazionale S.R.L. is your reliable partner in such a complicated process as nostrification. Our specialists will manage your educational documents the best way to get this recognition or nostrification decision.

The above-mentioned procedure is required if you're going to use your diplomas, transcripts, certificates, etc. in some other country. However, firstly these documents are recommended to be apostilled or legalized, depending on the state that issued official documents. Apostille/legalization stamp will make the nostrification procedure much faster and easier.  

This procedure is obligatory when someone wants to be employed or keep on studying on the basis of his/her diploma in a foreign country and it involves recognition and counting of subjects studied and marks obtained. But every state has its own peculiarities to recognize foreign educational documents and there's no some unified form of nostrification for all the world and this procedure should be made every time you submit documents to a new country (EU countries are an exception of this norm). Normally, Ministry of Education is authorized to conduct this procedure in most countries, however in some states government agencies are empowered to conduct recognition. 

Our company can help you in this matter and submit documents to nostrification in Ukraine, Slovakia, Austria and other states of the world. After prior examining educational documents specialists of Accordo Internazionale will provide you with the detailed information about the cost, turnaround and any additional documents that can be requested. 


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