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Accordo Internazionale S.R.L. (translation company/translation agency structure) has been operating as a separate subdivision within Accordo Internazionale S.R.L. since November 12, 2012. Accordo Internazionale S.R.L. is the global European group having businesses in different areas, like tourism, education, immigration, legal consulting and translations, investments, etc. around the world. The head offices of Accordo Internazionale S.R.L. are in Slovakia (Bratislava) and Ukraine (Kiev/Kyiv) in Europe. The group has a great number of affiliated companies with different structures and brand names, employing hundreds of professionals worldwide, for example:

Accordo Ukraine (Ukraine,;

Roland Tour S.R.O. (Italy-Slovakia,; 

Advokat-Ofice S.R.L. (Italy,;

Ukraine Apostille (Ukraine-Slovakia,;

Legal Consulting (Ukraine-Russia);

Global Investments S.A. (Panama);

Berg Estates Inc. (UK);

Ukraine To Know (Ukraine-Slovakia,;

Accordo Internazionale S.R.L. (translation company/agency subdivision), as well as its other corporate structures, is internationally present in all over Europe including Ukraine (England and all UK, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Austria, Switzerland), Americas (Canada, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Uruguay, Chile), Africa (Egypt, the Republic of South Africa, Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco), Asia (China, India, Vietnam, Japan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia), Australia, New Zealand etc.  

In its business activities Accordo Internazionale S.R.L. (all its affiliated companies and subdivisions, including its own translation agency/translation company) in Europe and UK, Asia, the USA, Australia and Africa strictly sticks to the internationally recognized high standards of global businesses. Specialists from the group will do their best to meet your requirements, wherever you are, shortly and professionally. In our routine work we constantly keep on developing and improving our services and products that enables to make our quotations more affordable having better quality.

Our main areas of business in the field of documents and papers: translations, police clearance certificates proceeding, discovery and obtaining documents from different countries, apostille and legalization procedures in Europe.

Our activity in Europe:

Translations into Ukrainian, Translations into Russian, Traducciones al ucraniano y ruso,  Übersetzungen ins Russische und Ukrainische, Traduzioni in russo ed ucraino, Tłumaczenia na język ukraiński i rosyjski, Traductions en russe et en ukrainien, Tours and Travel to Kiev and Ukraine, Apostille of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Apostille and Legalization of Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Apostille and Legalization of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, WES and ICAS evaluation, Tax ID in Ukraine, Consular legalization and attestation for Italy in Ukraine, Apostille and Legalization in Russia, Apostille and Legalization in Belarus, Police clearance certificates in Ukraine, Police clearance certificates in Russia, Police clearance certificates in Poland, Police clearance certificates in Belarus, Police clearance certificates in Lithuania, Police clearance certificates in Moldova, Police clearance certificates in Romania, Police clearance certificates in Kazakhstan, Police clearance certificates in ArmeniaApostille, Consular legalization, Translation of documents, Certificate of good conductNostrification in Ukraine, Buy a flat/apartment/house/real estate in Ukraine