Apostille and legalization of documents in Lithuania


Accordo Internazionale is your professional legalization and apostille stamp procedures company in Europe (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Moldova, Romania etc.) and in particular in Lithuania. Apostille stamps, attestation and legalization (legalisation) and authentication of official public documents issued in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Šiauliai and other cities and regions of Lithuania are the area of business we have expertise in. 

In Lithuania Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Lietuvos respublikos užsienio reikalų ministerija) is the authorized body to apostille, attest, authenticate and legalize original documents for foreign states like UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, China, the UAE, the KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Vietnam, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan etc. Meanwhile copies of original documents can be apostilled and certified by local notaries of Lithuania.

The top documents for apostille, attestation, authentication and legalization (Апостиль, Легализация) procedures, including consular legalization, in Lithuania (Lietuva in Lithuanian) by Ministry of Foreign Affairs: police clearance certificate from Lithuania (police records, criminal records, certificate of good conduct, certificate of no conviction, police check, non-conviction certificates, PCC or  Pažyma dėl įtariamųjųkaltinamųjų ir nuteistųjų registro duomenų apie fizinį asmenį in Lithuanian), birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, diploma, supplement, transcript, school certificate.  

Cost and turnaround: apostille, attestation, authentication and legalization procedures on documents in Lithuania for overseas are available from EUR 50 per 1 document, from 2 working days.

Get detailed information on apostille and legalization of public documents in Lithuania: +38 044 383 25 36; + 38 095 143 05 95 (Viber, WhatApp, Telegram); accordonternazionale@gmail.com