Apostille, police clearance certificate proceeding + sworn Czech translation in the Czech Republic


All personal and commercial documents designated for use in the Czech Republic mostly need bear an apostille or legalization stamp of some ministry of foreign affairs from other countries in Europe, Africa, Asia or Americas. Meanwhile public documents from the Czech Republic shoud have an apostille or legalization stamp for further submission abroad. The Czech police clearance certificate (police record, criminal record, police report, certificate of good conduct, police check certificate, non-criminal certificate, non-conviction certificate) is one of the important documents for residents and non-residents of the Czech Republic to be used worldwide.

Moreover, a diploma, transcript, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, power of attorney,  passport, contract, agreement issued in the territory of the Czech Republic (Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc) can carry out apostille or legalization service procedure + sworn translation into/from Czech, German, Polish, English, Italian, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian by a professional authorized sworn translator of Czech language.   

Professional translation and legal assistance of Accordo Internazionale in the Czech Republic is your guarantee to have all documents timeely in the correct and right way.