Apostille stamp attestation in Bahrain and abroad for Bahrain


Bahrain (officially the Kingdom of Bahrain or البحرين in Arabic) is one of the Gulf/GCC countries along with the United Arab Emirates/ the UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia/ the KSA, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman being a popular destination worldwide for employment and business purposes. 

Bahrain as well as Oman (the Kingdom of Oman) are the only Gulf/GCC states being signatories to the Hague Apostille Convention and accepting documents with the apostille stamp attestation and authentication (ختم أبوستيل) on a police clearance certificate (police record, criminal record, certificate of good conduct, non-conviction certificate, police check, criminal record check, criminal background check, PCC) from abroad, whilst other Gulf/GCC countries, namely the United Arab Emirates/ the UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia/ the KSA, Qatar, Kuwait need consular attestation and legalization of public documents from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, UK, the USA, India and any other states of Europe and the world.

Meanwhile if some document like a birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, diploma, affidavit, power of attorney, police clearance certificate is issued in Manama, Riffa, Muharraq, Hamad Town, A’ali, Sitra and other cities of Bahrain (the Kingdom of Bahrain) for further use abroad, this document should be apostilled by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain.       

All public documents designated for Bahrain should be translated into Arabic or English when the respective apostille attestation procedure in an issuing country is over and documents issued in Bahrain for overseas should be translated into English or the native language of the destination country. Sure, the professional translation, legalization and apostille company can help you with all specific things regarding apostille attestation and authentication in and for Bahrain.