Legalization, attestation and authentication of documents for the UAE in Russia

Accordo Internazionale is your professional and expert company with much expertise in consular legalization (legalisation), attestation, authentication and apostille on documents across Europe — Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Austria etc. Legalization, attestation and authentication stamp procedures for the Gulf countries (GCC countries) are our profile business areas too. Consular legalization and attestation of official documents for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Russia (the Russian Federation) is a popular option for those going to the UAE for employment or residence purposes.    

Public documents like a police clearance certificate (police records, criminal records, certificates of good conduct, non-conviction certificates, PCC), birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, diploma, transcript, supplement to diploma, certificate, power of attorney, affidavit, contract, agreement, invoice and any other official document issued in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Perm, Voronezh, Volgograd, Vladivostok, Belgorod and any other city of Russia can be attested and legalized by Ministry of Justice of Russia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and finally by Embassy/Consulate of the UAE in Russia (the Russian Federation). 

The procedure for legalization, attestation and authentication of official documents in Russia: the original or a notarized copy for attestation and legalization by Ministry of Justice of Russia together with a notarized translation into English or Arabic ⇒ attest, authenticate and legalize the document at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia ⇒ and then upload the attested and legalized Russian document, like a Russian police clearance certificate, diploma, birth certificate, marriage certificate, on the web-site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates ⇒ and afterwards submit the document that needs to be legalized and attested to Embassy/Consulate of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) in Moscow, Russia ⇒ get the legalized and attested document bearing the consular stamp and seal of the UAE ready for use on the territory of the United Arab Emirates.          

Cost and turnaround of legalization and attestation of documents for the UAE in Russia: from USD 170 per 1 document, from 12 working days.

Get detailed information on attestation, authentication and legalization of documents from Russia at Embassy of the UAE in Russia: +38 044 383 25 36; + 38 095 143 05 95 (Viber, WhatApp, Telegram);