Police clearance certificate from Hungary


European countries like Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, UK and Hungary, in particular, are on the top list originating police clearance certificates (police record, criminal record, certificate of good conduct, certificate of no conviction, police check, certificate of non-criminal record, police character certificate), apostille, legalization and attestation procedures.

In Hungary a police clearance certificate is issued by competent authorities in the capital, Budapest and in Eger, Debrecen, Miskolc and other towns of Hungary. Normally, this certificate is valid within 90 days.

Hungarian police clearance certificate afterwards can be stamped with apostille or legalization stamp to be internationally recognized. Accordo Internazionale is your European and international partner in the area of police clearance certificates proceedings, replacement of birth/marriage/divorce certificates, apostille/legalization procedures and translations into/from Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian and other languages in Hungary, Ukraine and other countries of Europe.