Russian legal translations


Legal documents have specific wording and require highly-professional legal translators to have legal translations accurate, true and correct. Legal translators of Russian-English, Russian-French, Russian-Spanish, Russian-Portuguese, Russian-Polish, Russian-German, Russian-Chinese, Russian-Arabic suppose to have very specific knowledge of the profile languages and legal area in general.

Russian language legal translators mostly specialize and deal with translation of bylaws, charters, articles of association, memorandum, certificates of incorporation, agreements, contracts, declarations, powers of attorney, certificates, statements, reports, affidavits, judgments, rulings, decrees, resolutions, good standing from/into Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese and Arabic.

Professional Russian language certified translators of Accordo Internazionale are always for your services in terms of legal translations into Russian or from Russian into the most world languages.