Legalization for the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a popular destination for employment among foreigners due to its high-level living and wages. To get employment there an applicant should get a residence permit (residence visa). Normally, it’s not enough to get this permit for successful employment in this country. Official documents should be properly made and legalized for their use there.

For example, diplomas and transcripts, issued in other language than English or Arabic, should be additionally translated into English or Arabic and notarized and after that legalized by competent ministries of the issuing state. Once ministry legalization is over, documents should be attested by Embassy of the United Arab Emirates. After all the above mentioned procedures the documents are ready for using in the UAE. However, the final list of documents is prepared and required by competent authorities, so it means that it can differ. In some cases it’s enough to provide diplomas and transcripts, but in other cases police certificates, medical records, references, affidavits and other documents can be needed. 

Preparation procedures on documents for the UAE are not so easy and there’re many complicated things in this process, so that only professional legal or translation companies can manage it for sure.