Screening employees, contractors and business in Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Europe

Accordo Internazionale is your professional reliable partner in matters of screening employees, contractors and different businesses in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland and other countries of Europe. Screening procedures are required for candidates, employees and contractors before employment, especially in big international companies.   

When checking and screening employees, applicants and candidates it’s first of all about checking in criminal registers, namely to find out whether this exact employee or applicant has any criminal background. To make it complete a police clearance certificate (PCC, police record, criminal record, certificate of good conduct, certificate of non-conviction) should be issued. We can proceed and get official police clearance certificates (PCC, police records, criminal records, certificates of good conduct, certificates of non-conviction) for any employees, applicants and contractors from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Belarus and other countries of Europe. Meanwhile, police clearance certificates from Ukraine as well as police clearance certificates from Russia and police clearance certificates from Poland are the most popular ones for screening purposes.

One more option for screening employees and contractors is to check them in different registers of real estate and property and registers of violators. Using different screening and checking procedures it can be get comprehensive information about any individual.

However, screening and checking companies and businesses in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Poland and across Europe involves a number of different tools and procedures and it makes possible to find out information about members and founders of some company and its financial condition.

When screening and checking procedures are complete and over ready issued documents about employees, contractors, companies and businesses can be provided from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Romania and other states of Europe with apostille/legalization stamp

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