Police certificates across the globe

Nowadays thanks to advanced technologies and globalization it’s not a problem to get some document from other country. In most cases it can be done without personal application and powers of attorney. You can do it by yourself, but there’re lots of specific things about it, that you’d better order it at a professional agency.   

Police clearance certificates (police certificates) are normally required for immigration and citizenship purposes, visa, employment and many other cases. To proceed a police certificate from some states it’s enough to provide a copy of the passport together with its translation and get a ready document within 1-20 business days. These states are Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Romania, etc. Meanwhile, police clearance certificates from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries are more difficult to obtain and powers of attorney and some additional documents should be presented as well. However, a ready certificate is just 50% or even 30% of the total process, as you need prepare it properly to be accepted in the country of destination. Sometimes such a document should be translated and notarized, apostilled or legalized or additionally presented to consular section of the country of destination to attest it. All requirements and forms of execution are individual, not the one and only for some specified document or country.

As all internationally recognized express courier services operate worldwide, now it’s not a problem to get a required certificate of good conduct delivered to any point of the globe and pay it from any corner using a bank card or payment systems like Western Union or Money Gram.

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