Proceeding documents around the world

Nowadays in the era of globalization it’s no problem to get nearly any document from abroad. Just imagine, a person located in New-York can proceed a police clearance certificate from Ukraine or Spain by one click. To proceed an official document from any country of the world on average takes about 5-20 business days, depending on the nature of a requested document.

The top-ranked documents proceeded remotely are police clearance certificates (police records), certificates of marriage, certificates of birth, certificates of divorce, judgments, duplicates of diplomas and transcripts, etc. Normally, this kind of documents are proceeded by legal companies or translation agencies (companies). As a rule, these documents can be requested for employment, study, family reunion, immigration and lots of commercial activities. For doing it, it’s enough to get a notarized or consular power of attorney empowering a specialist to perform specified actions.

Not sure of documents you need now or in the future? In this case you’d better consult competent authorities of your native country or embassy of the country you’re going to. However, requirements of official establishments may vary from time to time, so in this case it’d better consult both an embassy and a competent establishment your document is going to be presented to.