Translation agency in Europe

European market of translation agencies is quite competitive and busy. As a rule, translation companies offer a lot of different translation services, like legal and technical translations, proofreading, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, apostille and legalization procedures and notary certification (notarization).

If you look for it in Google, UK and Germany will be in the top list of professional translation agencies. However, these companies provide their services at quite high prices, from about EUR 20 for some standard document.

Thanks to online presence of translation agencies from Eastern Europe now it’s much cheaper to place translation projects orders with a translation company from Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania or Ukraine. In this case you’ll be able to spare at least EUR 10 on each document. But less price doesn’t mean worse quality, absolutely not. Indeed, companies from UK and Poland, for example, can employ the same translators and interpreters.

Nowadays it’s not so rare for European companies to make orders on translation products with some Ukrainian or Slovak approved translation agency. Why is it so? The price is so attractive while quality carries on being quite high. For example, in Ukraine it will be possible to order translation of some standard document from English into German (French, Spanish, Italian, etc.) from just EUR 5.