Translations in Israel

Translation services are required and very popular in Israel due to its economic importance in the world and high demand on medical and travel services among foreigners. What is special about translations in Israel? First of all, it’s about three used languages there — Hebrew, English and Russian. Why Russian in Middle East? Israel is home to thousands of immigrants from the former USSR where Russian used to be the official language. In Israel documents are made in Hebrew, English or Russian. It’s even possible to prepare a notarized document there in English or Russian.

What documents do Israeli translation companies (agencies) translate? The number one among texts and documents for translation in Israel is translation of medical certificates, reports, guides and other medical and pharmaceutical documents. Israel is one of global leaders in the field of high quality medicine, that’s why a great volume of documents are translated daily by professional translation agencies in this country. Interpreting into/from English, German, French and Russian is in high demand in the tourist field of the state, as guides specialized in these languages are always requested. As well, IT is very important for Israeli translation companies, since they offer lots of software products to be translated into the most popular languages around the world.

The market of translation services companies in Israel is settled and can provide a wide range of different translation and interpreting and proceeding documents, so a potential client can find any company for his/her budget. However, prices on translation services in Israel are far from low and on the level of European prices.