Apostille in Europe

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Speaking about Europe we can surely say that all European countries are Hague Convention participating states. It means that official documents should be apostilled, for example, for Spain, Great Britain (UK), Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Estonia, Russia, etc. It’s supposed that an official document made, for example, in Slovakia should bear apostille stamp and then it can be used in Europe (EU and other states) as well as around the world in Hague Convention … Continue reading «Apostille in Europe»

Translation services in UK

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In UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) translation services are in great demand due to a big number of international companies and specialists from around the world. In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland it’s possible to translate any document into nearly any world language, like Spanish, German, Ukrainian, Chinese, Arabic, etc. UK translation companies are recognised as high quality ones, but in the global market their prices are not so small. What translation services exactly are … Continue reading «Translation services in UK»


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Personal assistant in Ukraine

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Accordo Internazionale S.R.L. is your reliable partner in many areas of business and legal issues in Urkaine. We don’t just offer some separate service or prodecure, but can provide you comprehensive support on a turn-key basis, including: proceeding a Ukrainian tax code (tax number); counselling about purchase or sale of any real estate (apartments, flats, offices) in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepr, Lviv and all around Ukraine; counselling about establishment of a company or private person business activity in Ukraine; counselling … Continue reading «Personal assistant in Ukraine»

Certificate of good conduct

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Accordo Internazionale S.R.L. is your professional partner in the field of police clearance certificates (police records, criminal records, certificates of good conduct) issuance from different countries of the world. Irrespective of the current citizenship of the applicant we can proceed a police certificate for you from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Spain, Slovakia, Romania and other states. Besides issuing an original police clearance certificate from the requested country we can offer a complex solution for you, like translations and … Continue reading «Certificate of good conduct»

Translation of documents

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Accordo Internazionale is your global professional translation agency in Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa, providing high quality translation services like legal translations, technical translations, IT translations, medical translations, translation of standard documents (passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas) notary certification of translations (notarization), apostille and legalization procedures, proceeding police clearance certificates in different countries around the world. Accordo Internazionale translation agency (translation company) provides its full range of services in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, … Continue reading «Translation of documents»

Сonsular legalization

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Accordo Internazionale S.R.L. is specialized in all matters regarding consular legalization of official documents for their further use in the country of destination. Preparation of documents for consular legalization procedures is not so complicated, however it has many specific and tricky nuances, that can make the total process not easy at all.    The most interesting thing is that any state has its own specified requirements how to make documents properly. Some states like Spain, Italy, France even have several right … Continue reading «Сonsular legalization»


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What is apostille or legalization procedure? Why do I need it? When you’re going to present your official documents worldwide, you should make sure that they are properly performed. If you intend to get residence or study abroad, marry or divorce, start some business and so on, it’s obligatory to provide a list of official documents to authorities of the country of your destination. Such documents must bear a special stamp called «apostille» or «legalization» depending on a country. This … Continue reading «Apostille»

Proceeding documents around the world

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Nowadays in the era of globalization it’s no problem to get nearly any document from abroad. Just imagine, a person located in New-York can proceed a police clearance certificate from Ukraine or Spain by one click. To proceed an official document from any country of the world on average takes about 5-20 business days, depending on the nature of a requested document. The top-ranked documents proceeded remotely are police clearance certificates (police records), certificates of marriage, certificates of birth, certificates of … Continue reading «Proceeding documents around the world»